| *sigh* This is pretty sad. -Makuta Kaper

Teammcb's thoughtsEdit

This is terrible! Totally dissapointing. BUT WE SHALL SAVE IT!!!

we can save them Edit

we should make a brain storming page just where people post ideas and then we should take all the ideas and choose the best one than take that and as a group work to create it, Long LIve Bionicle Bio Gecko Unity Duty Destiny!!!!!!!

The Test/Resell Edit

I feel that ending BIONICLE is like killing the cash cow. So I propose an idea. I call this, 'The Test.' LEGO restarts BIONICLE for a year, new story, new Toa, new everything. But they also continue Hero Factory. Whichever earns more money and a larger fanbase at the end of the year, that series contines. If the LEGO company reads this, and I hope they do, I ask them to consider my proposition. Re-invent BIONICLE. New pieces, new story, new fun. New awesome. But there should be continuation. Maybe, the Toa Mata that we all know and adore are now Turaga on Spherus Magna?

Now, I come to my other idea. Some of us BIONICLE fans weren't around for the first few years. Some of us didn't get all the ones we wanted, then Wal-Mart was out of stock... Needless to say, online shopping is too expensive. LEGO, why not make some of the older BIONICLES again? I, for one, would jump at the chance to get Toa Matau for under $40. And to the youngest fans, it's like BIONICLE is continuing, or like we're re-discovering BIONICLE, going back to the glory days where Toa were Toa, and where Teridax wasn't in control, where Teridax was the Makuta, not a Makuta. Where amazing characters are sold for cheaper prices, finally in the reach of newer LEGO fans!

LEGO, if you are reading this, I ask you one final question: Was dropping BIONICLE worth it? Or will you save the heroism, the bravery, the legend, and the legacy of the BIONICLE?

UNITY DUTY DESTINY: To show my sing I will create a new chapter.

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